How to Track Your Crypto-Investments Easily & for Free

by Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

If you have made some investments in cryptocurrencies and want to track your profit or loss, there is an easy-to-use & free online tool for this. I’m using this tool personally and will provide you with its quick review in this article.

So this tool is called To be able to use it, you will first need to register on their website. After that you will need to enter some data of your coins. You can go to: Enter Coins > Overview & Manual Import and by clicking on the button “New” you will be able to manually enter the amount of the cryptocurrency that you bought or sold. Or you can also import your wallet, e.g. or Trezor.

When you will have your coins already entered, you will be able to track your profits. You can save the link into your browser’s bookmarks, so that you will be able to easily track your crypto-investments anytime with just one click. I do it this way. Below you can see what I see in my Coin Tracking dashboard at the time of writing this article (March 28, 2018).


Track Crypto-Investments


You can also choose from 3 color schemes for your dashboard, either a light, dark or a dimmed one. I’m using the light color scheme.

If you are not using this tool yet, then I recommend you to go ahead and check it out. I believe you will find it helpful.

Note: They also have premium plans if you need more features, but I’m perfectly fine with the free plan. You can use it for up to 200 transactions, what is more than enough for me.

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