My name is Andrej. I’m a 36 years old guy from Slovakia. From my early age, I was always interested in ways to make money online. I started my Internet money making journey designing logos. The first $10 that I earned were for a logo that I designed 15 years ago. Later I started working with the WordPress CMS and design websites with it. After that I started being interested in affiliate marketing (of which this blog is a part as well). And finally in 2017 I made my first crypto investment. At first I invested in Ethereum, later in Bitcoin and Litecoin. And now I’m documenting my crypto investing journey on this blog. I have also written some guides on how you can invest in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies world has become my passion.

I also successfully completed a stock trading course from Zac Hartley that is available on SkillShare.

I speak Spanish as well, so I made a Spanish version of this website, too.

Feel free to get in touch with me.


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